Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trifecta Challenge

One of the things I miss most about school is the assignments. I enjoy the pressure of a deadline, the forced focus on a particular subject. I have tried giving myself "homework" in the past, but it just doesn't have the same feel for some reason. Before I started blogging again I would look at challenge blogs-not just writing but crafting blogs too-and wish that I could participate. I probably could have taken part on my own, but like the self-assigned homework, it just didn't feel the same.

But now I have a blog! Now I don't have to sit on the sidelines! Now I can participate!

One of the challenges I am going to do is the Trifecta Writing Challenge. A weekly challenge with a single word prompt, your use of the word has to be based on the third definition of said word and your response needs to be between 33 and 333 words. Fun, right?

This week's prompt is "Scandal" and here is my response:

Within an ebony interior,
the letters smoked and curled,
crumbling to ash
Flames consumed the proof
written with her father's blood

Hope for his lover's child,
The scandal,
Her legacy,

You don't necessarily need to write a poem, but since it is still poetry month and I am trying to stick with the poetry theme most days for Blogher's NaBloPoMo I decided to go with a poem.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice poem. If only torching the evidence made everything right...

    1. Thank you, I bet if that were the case though, there wouldn't be any cities with all the fires everyone set!

  2. I like the image of "letters smoked & curled." Also that her father's hope would have tarnished her legacy - it's a nice contrast and evokes a sense of sadness for the father.

    1. Thank you, I have had a chimney stuck in my head for a couple days and finally found a way to get it out!

  3. This short poem did the prompt more than justice. I really enjoyed it, as I am partial to poetry, and could not come up with one for this challenge.

  4. That's a wonderful way to approach the prompt. An undoing in such dramatic fashion!

  5. Nicely done - Great imagery. I can see the flames devouring the evidence.

  6. Great stuff! Very musical and touching!

  7. Welcome to Trifecta. Thanks for linking up. Love the imagery in this one. Hope you can join us for the weekend prompt which is already up on the site. It's community judging this weekend, so get your entry in and get voting!