Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reaction Haiku

Fear, frustration, heartache. But...
Never acceptance.

She's making new friends,
Fending off her depression;
For me: jealousy.

Countless feelings tucked away,
My heart, a black hole.

But wait! The Mayo?
Experimental treatment?
Sparking a glimmer.

This week's theme for Sensational Haiku Wednesday is "Reaction".

The range of reactions I have felt, even as an outsider, surprises me at times. I can't imagine what my sister is feeling; I think she, too, internalizes. But, I'm sure if I were to take what I feel and amplify it quite a bit, I'd probably only have a small fraction of an idea. 

If Gina is accepted into the Mayo Clinic's treatment program, I will post more details on it. I'll probably still blog about it if she isn't accepted, but with fewer details and more whines.

Join the fun!

PS--I quadruple checked my syllable count, but if I'm still off please let me know!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013

One of the many crafts I daydream of wasting spending all my time on is quilting. I have never actually pieced a traditional quilt block, although I have hundreds of patterns and numerous books for when I am finally ready to tackle one (finally ready=purchase a new sewing machine). I have, however, made several crazy quilt blocks and have even crazy quilted a small purse. And I have mass amounts of fabric so that I can continue to crazy quilt whenever I get the chance.

And that's the problem. "Whenever I get the chance". Since I hand-piece & embellish the CQ seams, I don't have the no-sewing-machine excuse. Instead I use the "I'm too busy" excuse, even though the majority of my free time is spent reading blogs and cyber-stalkinglooking up old friends on Facebook. Which is bogus. So I am going to participate in a challenge that will force me to be creative!

The Crazy Quilt Journal Project-2013 challenges participants to complete one 6x6 block per month. The end goal of the CQJP is to bring more awareness to Crazy Quilting-which is great. The side effect, me not being able to always be lazy, is also great!

If you happen to be interested in joining me in this challenge, the details and registration page, which closes December 12th, can be found here:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Treat Limerick

I was awake at midnight last weekend when MadKane posted her new Limerick-Off prompt. I thought I was going to be the first one to post my limerick but I was only able to write the first four lines that night and ended up posting it Sunday afternoon.  I'm still not completely satisfied with the last line-my first two tries were too long syllable-wise; this one has a slightly better rhythm and syllable count, but still isn't my favorite way to end it. 

This week's first line is:

A fellow would frequently treat


A woman would frequently treat

Luckily, we're allowed to modify the first line just a bit, as I subbed in "lady" for "woman":

A lady would frequently treat
Her man to a rub of the feet.
But returning the favor,
he didn’t quite savor,
To change his mind would be quite a feat.

I think I should've used "take" instead of "be" but I already submitted it to MadKane's site on Sunday so I'll keep it the same here.

I actually meant to write this up on Sunday but forgot. You still have a day or so to join in the fun, and a new limerick-off starts on Sunday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life is Fine

While digging through one of several still-unpacked boxes looking for a picture, I came across this poem by Langston Hughes. My first year of college, 1200 miles from home, I had taped this to my dorm room wall, but haven't really thought about it in the last ten years or so.

I never found the picture I was looking for tonight, but I'm glad I stumbled across this poem. I thought I'd share the poem here, not for inspiration or anything really, but just because I like it and don't want to wait another decade before finding/remembering it.

I went down to the river,
I set down on the bank.
I tried to think but couldn't,
So I jumped in and sank

I came up once and hollered!
I came up twice and cried!
If that water hadn't a-been so cold
I might've sunk and died.

     But it was     Cold in that water!     It was cold!

I took the elevator
Sixteen floors above the ground.
I thought about my baby
And thought I would jump down.

I stood there and I hollered!
I stood there and I cried!
If it hadn't a-been so high
I might've jumped and died.

     But it was     High up there!     It was high!

So since I'm still here livin',
I guess I will live on.
I could've died for love--
But for livin' I was born

Though you may hear me holler,
And you may see me cry--
I'll be dogged, sweet baby,
If you gonna see me die.

     Life is fine!     Fine as wine!     Life is fine!


Good night :)