Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reaction Haiku

Fear, frustration, heartache. But...
Never acceptance.

She's making new friends,
Fending off her depression;
For me: jealousy.

Countless feelings tucked away,
My heart, a black hole.

But wait! The Mayo?
Experimental treatment?
Sparking a glimmer.

This week's theme for Sensational Haiku Wednesday is "Reaction".

The range of reactions I have felt, even as an outsider, surprises me at times. I can't imagine what my sister is feeling; I think she, too, internalizes. But, I'm sure if I were to take what I feel and amplify it quite a bit, I'd probably only have a small fraction of an idea. 

If Gina is accepted into the Mayo Clinic's treatment program, I will post more details on it. I'll probably still blog about it if she isn't accepted, but with fewer details and more whines.

Join the fun!

PS--I quadruple checked my syllable count, but if I'm still off please let me know!!


  1. Wow. Touching and deeply personal.

    It takes real courage to write from the heart like this.

    Good luck to you and your sister - though I may have that backwards.


  2. Someone is quite ill, yes? So sorry....hope all works out for the very best.....

  3. touching xpression of frustration. its so difficult to stand helpless on the outside!