Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For love of the Captcha!

I have a lot of ideas for writing built up.
I have a couple different notebooks lying around with images or dialogue written down, usually the notebooks are well hidden when I need them but if I can remember what I wanted to write when I finally find one then I do.
I have a WIP folder on my desktop, most of the files only have a paragraph or two typed up but at least I know where they are.
I have an Excel sheet of first lines of poems and occasionally pick one at random to expand on and make it my own.
I have a dozen or so books on various creative writing subjects that I will do an exercise out of.

But my current favorite source of ideas is the annoying little "captcha" that so many sites use to verify you are a real person. I always see people ragging on them-because it takes an extra two seconds to figure out what it says and type it out. I love that you can refresh it as many times as you want-I'll flip through 5-6 of them for fun.

I have a list that I add every one that captures my attention for more than the second it takes to type it in. I especially love the ones that use real words that are randomly thrown together, but I also like some of the nonsensical ones too. There are so many possibilities in those little things! In fact, I chose the title of my blog from one of them-it just stuck out from the first few on the list. Others on the list seem like they would make interesting surnames or addresses. My absolute favorite one I am saving in case I ever become a food blogger or author. It's not terribly likely but I'm still keeping it to myself for now just in case!

So take a moment to think of me and the possibilities of those little words and numbers next time you are cursing the internet because you can't tell if it says "d" or "cl"!

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