Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Short Set of Cause and Effect Examples

Cause: I chose to be frugal with the SPF.
Effect: I may now be buying market shares of Aloe Vera.

Cause: I am nearly burnt to a crisp.
Effect: My brain is too fried to write anything intelligent today.

Cause: I signed up for the April NaBloPoMo.
Effect: I am forcing you to read several lines of junk to lessen my guilt.

Hope you all had as fun a Saturday as we did...Hopefully you all wore sunscreen though (snow can cause sunburns too!).


  1. I'm a redhead, no chance of leaving the SPF on minimum here:-)

    1. I'm so pale I should have been a ginger! I actually used SPF 50, I just didn't reapply as much as I should have :( You'd think after 30 years I'd have figured out that sunburns suck!

  2. LOL!
    Cause: I read this.
    Effect: I'm giggling.