Saturday, October 13, 2012

Limerick Feud

This week's first line for the Limerick-Off on MadKane's Humor Blog is:

"A man was involved in a feud"
"A gal was involved in a feud"

Here's my entry:

A man was involved in a feud
Over the new 'do his wife debuted.
His word choice was poor,
Now his bed's on the floor
'Til his sense of style's less skewed.

I'm not satisfied with the last line, but I've run out of revision ideas for it.  I really, really want to use "skewed" and this seems to be the best I can do with that word this afternoon.


  1. That is great Rachael. Made me laugh. Not a smart man for sure. My hubby knows better. i think it is great just the way it is.

  2. Thanks so much for your fun contribution to last week's Limerick-Off!