Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Forgetfulness

For some reason, the "tab" key takes you directly from the title box to the "publish" button now. The older version of Blogger went from the title box to compose section. Which makes sense, why would someone type just the title then hit publish?! Besides me, tonight, since I hit tab then the right combo of keystrokes to equal enter, thus publishing an empty post.


Today I made cookies. I want to enter a contest so I am tweaking a chocolate & coconut recipe.  I accidentally forgot a cup of flour. Which should've meant two dozen cookies were headed straight to the trash can, right? Nope. I decided to bake them, just in case I didn't really forget the flour, and they came out with a brownie-like texture and my husband loves them. I have another, correct, batch chilling in the fridge, but I am definitely going to add my screw-up to my recipe box.

I know that the mind works in mysterious ways. Well, at least mine does. But I am always surprised when something strange happens to me. I was finishing up an hour and a half round of grocery shopping at Walmart, when out of nowhere I thought it would be hilarious if I forgot my debit card and had to go home. I laughed out loud, luckily the aisle was empty, then all of a sudden realized I didn't have my card! I used it earlier and put it in the center console instead of my pocket, so at least it was in the car and not at home. But I am sure I wouldn't have remembered until I was checking out, if it hadn't of been for that random thought. Sure, most people would remember stuff like that, or would check to be sure they had whatever they needed, but I am not most people. I let my husband keep my driver's license in his wallet because I have lost it 4 times in the last two years. So remembering or checking for my ATM card before starting a grocery trip just isn't part of my M.O.

In another example of my poor memory this weekend, I found out the hard way that I forgot to update my Facebook account with my new phone number.  I don't rely on the mobile updates to keep me updated as much as I did this past summer, so updating the phone number wasn't something I thought of right away, then I completely forgot about changing it.  Apparently someone has activated a phone with it though...I logged on yesterday afternoon to see that "I" replied to a bunch of posts saying things like "I don't know you" & "My name is Sean, quit texting me!"  At first, I thought I was hacked, obviously I'm not Sean, and I do know my sister and my friends.  After a minute or two or re-reading all the texts I realized what happened, and called the kid to apologize then updated my Facebook account. Then I had to explain to half a dozen people what happened.

(I have another kinda funny story about Facebook but rather than bore you, it can be summed up with the following bit of advice:  "Don't Facebook stalk from your cell phone if it is prone to freezing, as you are likely to start tapping in frustration and sending out a bunch of random friend requests to people you don't know". I'll leave it at that for tonight.)

Have a great week!

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