Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's in a name?

Once a week I get a meme in my email that I never fill out. I know, I know, I'm never going to get kissed, someone's going to die, and I'll be poor forever... One of the first questions is always a variation of "what is your nickname".  Some of my friends have really awesome or funny or fitting nicknames. Mine are: Maria, Bagel and Raquel.  My middle name is Marie but my dad has always called me "Maria", so much so that I call myself Maria weekly.  "Bagel" is my sister's favorite name for me-it kind of rhymes with Rachael. And "Raquel" is just Spanish for "Rachael". Which apparently isn't common knowledge since I had to explain to the new kid why my co-worker calls me Raquel. Oh well.

Over the years, I have collected at least a dozen email accounts. My very first account, circa 1998-9, is a weird-ish spelling of twilight eyes: my favorite time of day + my best physical feature (well besides my big ol' booty, but twilight ass isn't something I could write my grandma with).  I loved that handle so much that I have used variations of it in several of my other email accounts. 

It would probably still be my favorite user id, except for the whole Twilight saga thing.  I didn't hate the books or the movies, but I certainly hate the snickers I get after giving out my email address when I call various customer service depts.  Obviously, I am such a "twihard" I had to put my love for the series in my email account; there is no way I created my account before the books/movies came out.  Unfortunately Yahoo doesn't have a "member since ##" like pretty much every other email hosting service. So I have zero proof. And no choice but to suffer through the lame jokes.

Anyone else out there have an email that they can't get rid of but aren't always proud of?

Another name I have gotten a couple questions on is my blog name. "Angle 949" is pretty random. No, really, it is. I picked it from a list of captchas I liked enough to think they would be usable one day. (In case you're interested, three have been used-this one plus two others have shown up in WIPs (the plural of WIP seems odd to me-it seems like it should ve WsIP!!)).  And since my interests are all over the place, I figured hundreds of angles would cover it!  So far, I haven't really covered many of my interests other than writing. And I've done quite a bit of whining. But eventually I'll post other stuff, and then the name will fit a little better.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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