Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunburnt Limerick

I missed entering MadKane's Limerick-Off last week. I would say I just wasn't feeling the first line, but really I was just too lazy to put in the necessary effort needed to create something decent.

This week, she chose the first line just for me though! Well, she didn't actually think "Hey, I'm inspired by Rachael's post on her poor sunblock application skills, so I want to make this week about her!" (Or did she...?)

First line choices this week are:

"A gal with a very deep tan" or "A guy with a very deep tan"

She also notes that minor variations to the first line are acceptable, and this week I'm taking her up on that!

A gal longing for a deep tan,
skipping sunblock was her bright plan.
Now she's laid up for weeks,
rudely dubbed "Fire Cheeks"
Super red burns now gracing her can!

(This really happened to me when I was ~20 years old; unfortunately the nickname outlasted the burn...)


  1. I LOVE your limericks. If I ever need a chuckle, I should just come and find them here. Great one!

  2. LOL! Thanks for your fun Limerick-Off contribution!

    A new one's just begun. Hope to see you there too. :)

  3. Sorry to laugh at you calamity but that was funny! Thanks for the laugh to start my day!