Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just checking in

Over the past four days I have written and deleted three posts, not counting the additional ones I have drafted in my head. Lately, I have been lacking confidence in my opinions and ideas, even over trivial matters. For example, I started to write a book review, which I normally have no problem with, but I broke my own rule and read other reviews first. Now I don't know if my feelings about the book are valid. Maybe I was just emotional when I read it, maybe I have a poor taste in literature...These and other doubts make me hesitant to commit my review to the Internet. I also wanted to share my opinions on a couple of things that have popped up in the news. And my opinions on other things. But what if no one agrees with my opinions? Half the time, I don't even agree with my opinions!

I was also going to talk about why I deleted my last blog in its entirety, without saving copies of any of the posts. But it's a lengthy explanation just to say "I am a coward". I am going to try my best to not delete this blog, even if I abandon it for days at a time.

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  1. Now I am going to preach to you something I need said to me as well. Your opinion matters, even if it's different from others! I also try not to read others' stuff before I write/post (eg Trifecta), but sometimes curiosity kills the cat. I've written whole pieces and not linked them because I felt like the others' are so much better. You and I both, we should try not to think this way. May your muse/confidence return to you quickly!