Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hidden in darkness
she waited,
every footfall brought panic,
but she waited.
Held her breath
dreading they would hear
the thunder
of her heartbeat.
The closet door creaked
"Kelly, quit hiding from Momma!"

This week's Trifecta Challenge is the word "Thunder". The third definition is the noun used for the sound--"the thunder of hooves" etc.

This little poem is an image that has been rattling around in my mind the last few days.


  1. dreading they would hear
    the thunder
    of her heartbeat.
    I love the emotions and how you bring them out.

  2. I read this as a playful take on the prompt with Kelly playing hide-and-seek with Mommy. I can relate to the pounding heartbeat since that's how I felt when I played as a little girl. =)

    1. Thanks Sandra! When I wrote this I was thinking of a more sinister scene, but Hide & Seek totally works and I think this could have more potential now that I can see it play out in more than one way!!

  3. Kelly sounds like Sam. He hides like that. Too small to ever be found. But, really, I think Kelly is in serious danger. Sam, in contrast, is a source of annoyance and humor and scares.

  4. Ooh, I read it more playful like Sandra did. When I saw your comment that it was more sinister, I read it again. {shivers} I think I'll stand on the playful side of it, okay?

  5. I fear for that little girl, if her mama finds her. And they always do, in the end.
    Thanks for linking up. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the weekend prompt.

  6. I also read it as hide & seek. Well, I was building up for something sinister, then thought hide & seek, which was a fun twist. Then I reread it & saw the potential for sinister. I like that it could go either way.

  7. Such a great piece. It is so funny how people can see such different things in it. I was thinking it was nothing sinister. I was thiking of my baby brother who would hide in closet when it thundered or when mom ran the vacuum. You are a great writer.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog before. The card you asked about was super easy. I used a cuttlebug folder and ran it through my cuttlebug. I used Tim Holtz Coredinations (blue core paper...)I then sanded the paper and the bird and stuff shows thru very cool. I LOVE that paper..It is a pack with all different colors of distress and a lighter shade underneath. Thanks again..You made my day.