Saturday, March 9, 2013

Unpacking still sucks...

I hate unpacking. I have moved so many times in my lifetime that you'd think I'd get used to and start to enjoy it, but not really. It's still on the same level as housework or maybe it's even as low on the list of fun as a dental visit is. 

The two main reasons I hate unpacking:

First, I have to look at every.single.little.piece of hoarded treasure I see--books, craft supplies of all mediums, photos, notes and other personal ephemera-some of which is legitimate memorabilia while some of it is probably trash.  This habit of mine makes it very time consuming to try and get through even one box, making it much easier to just hunt for that one picture or piece of fabric I know I saw in that one box rather than attempt to unpack until I absolutely have to.

Second, I rarely actually help to pack up the rest of our stuff, since I have to handle all of my stuff myself, so I never know where anything is-like the paperwork I actually need, or the camera or battery charger (of course they won't be packed together which means I will find them a week or two apart and both are worthless without the other).  But since unpacking it means I won't have to dig through unmarked boxes I won't be able to put it off forever.

Anyway, I believe I mentioned back in September that we had moved into an apartment a couple months after we returned from Florida and recouped a bit. We thought that would be our last move before buying a house-which is ~2 long years away still. But our two toddlers weren't too happy in the second-story two bedroom we originally chose. But you know what sucks more than unpacking? Constantly having to put your kids in time out for being kids. And so we spent a couple weeks looking for a house with a yard within 15 minutes of my sister's house, and moved in two weeks ago.  

And with this being our last move for a couple years, hopefully anyway, I don't have a legitimate reason to not unpack everything. Although before I can actually focus on that, I am going to attempt this weekend's Trifextra Challenge and I need to upload the crappy cell picture of my February block for The Crazy Quilt Journal Project-2013, hopefully the first box I actually make it through has the camera and the charger in it, then I can put off the rest of the boxes for a little while.

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