Sunday, March 17, 2013

Anything is a Trigger, in 100 words

Every week I check out the prompt for Velvet Verbosity's weekly 100 Words challenge. Every week I think about participating, mentally forming an entry but rarely do I follow through.  This week I tried harder, and since the challenge host got to meet Queen Latifah last week she gave us an extra day to finish the challenge-otherwise I might not have made it.***

This week's word is "shake"; we can use the prompt however we feel, as long as the result is 100 words. My 100 are titled "Anything is a Trigger".

no advice
none too helpful

watch for signs -
ha, good luck -
            the effect is inconsistent
one beer, one case;
one shot, one pint, one fifth -
            doesn't matter
expect the worst,
don't bother
hoping for the best-

            just hope
your smile
            isn't too big,
            too small;
your tone
            isn't too happy,
            too sad,
            sarcastic at all.

Don't be noticeable.
            but, again,
it doesn't matter -
anything, nothing,
            is a trigger.
Just survive until
you are
            safe in bed.

in the morning:
don't ask
            why his hands shake,
be sure
bruised feelings
            aren't visible
on your face.
                        is a trigger.

I figure since this is my first time participating in the challenge that I might as well fully participate and include the blog hop--be sure to check out the rest of this week's entrants!

****Edited-I misunderstood the blog host's post, she doesn't meet Queen Latifah until this week. The extra day was because she hosted her friend's poetry :)****


  1. when I read your title I wondered if this was where you were going with it. Well done and welcome to the challenge.

    1. Thank you, Barbara.
      It was one of the first two images that came to mind and it persistently beat out the other all week when I thought about the challenge, so I had to go with it.

  2. Wow. Potent! Welcome to the challenge. :)

  3. Oh, and p.s. I didn't meet Queen Latifah last week. I'm meeting her THIS week.

    Last week I hosted a poet friend on Monday night when I usually post, so I posted late and gave everyone an extra day. :)

    1. Oops! I completely misunderstood your post then! I actually thought you had hosted your friend on that particular night because you were out of town to see Queen Latifah--after re-reading, I have NO idea how I even came up with that!!! Very excited you get to meet her, still this week or last week haha :)

  4. Nicely done! I keep wanting to write for Velvet, but seeing that I haven't done Trifect in a long time... sigh. I need some warm weather to perk me up, I guess. I'm glad you did this!

    1. Thank you Sandra. I read the challeges every week and tell myself I'm going to take the time to do them and then suddenly it's an hour past the deadline and I've got a half-finished pile of words. I hope the warm weather comes to your area soon-we had t-shirt weather a week and a half ago, since then it's been sweaters & jackets only :(