Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello, Stranger

I have written several dozen different posts this past summer. All of them in my head since my only Internet access prior to this weekend was at work. I can't promise that this will be an altogether coherent post since I have just so much to say and I want to say it all and keep some of it to myself and tell you all everything all at once!! Yes, I am a tad bit excited to be back at my blog!

For now I'm going to just do bullet points and later on I will write out additional posts on things I need or want to discuss further. I apologize for the run-ons and poor sentence structure, bullets just seem to call for poor grammar sometimes ;)

  • June 8 we abandoned the majority of our belongings in Florida, rented a car and spent three days driving back to Nevada. It was so much better than I expected, and regardless of the circumstances it was actually kind of fun and I want to take more road trips.

  • Immediately returned to work that Monday. Not nearly as good as I had it in FL, but it is familiar at least.

  • Bought a car, since we left ours to be sold, eventually, in FL. One week later the car was vandalized and we spent a month waiting for the insurance company to pay to fix it. That is probably the only positive to this summer being unusually dry in Northern Nevada-my daughter would not have appreciated the rain pouring through her missing window if it had rained at all.

  • Signed up for a new cell phone service and received awesome new phones-with Internet access and potential bloggy access. One week later my phone was stolen (well first it was left on my car, then a stranger picked it up and proceeded to use the Internet and make long distance calls, which were free, luckily. Yay for signing up for "unnecessary" phone insurance! That is until I found out you have to have the phone for more than one month to make a claim, and making a claim prior to that one month means you void the possibility of making a claim on the same phone after the month has passed.

  • Summer was otherwise uneventful, quite boring in fact. We stayed with my brother-in-law, his wife, and their five children. They did not have wifi, and the only computer was in their master bedroom, so I rarely ever used it.

  • September 1 we signed a lease for an awesome apartment in an awesome neighborhood. It's right at the edge of my comfort level as far as affordability goes, but its cheaper than some we looked at and it is in the part of town we wanted to live in.

Now that I have that all out of the way I can go back to writing randomness here and there and writing here and there and not feeling like I need to catch myself up completely beforehand. I missed it more than I expected to.

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  1. Welcome back to bloggy world. Glad to see you again and look forward to more of your writing! :)