Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Escape Haiku

One of the things I missed most about having unlimited access to the Internet was participating in writing challenges. I spent the summer torturing myself: each week I would sign on to various sites and read the weekly challenge, even though I knew I would not end up participating. I must say, I had some really great entries for some of them written out in my head (I'm sure you would think so too, if only I had typed them out to prove it...).

Tonight I am recommitting myself to taking part in at least one challenge a week, starting with YouKnowThatBlog's weekly haiku challenge. This week's theme for Sensational Haiku Wednesday is "Escape". Here's half of half a dozen entries:

Stuck at the in-laws-
No access to the 'net;
Books: my only escape.


Longing to escape
monotonous eight to fives..
Damn, Facebook is blocked!


Emma caught on film:
She's locked out of the kitchen,
longing to escape!

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  1. Ha ha ... the 1st and 2nd one are so true ... it's irritating when you don't have net :-(

    the 3rd one is really cute :-)

  2. Rachael ~ so glad you are back 'online' ~ lovely haiku and beautiful child ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for 'coming by and commenting' ^_^

    ps am your newest follower of GFC

  3. Great stuff. Love all your sets of Haiku.


  4. those were fabulous! all desperate situations!

  5. Yay to internet access! I enjoyed your haikus, and cute baby Emma! :)