Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What a Christmas!

Did you say you were interested in a play-by-play of my holiday? That's great, 'cause here it is!

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the nail salon, with my almost-4-yr old, courtesy of my husband. He decided that the best gift he could give me was another excuse to spend quality time with my sister.  It was a surprise for both of us.  And it was actually kind of fun--I had my doubts since I don't do the whole nail salon thing, a couple swipes of whichever random polish I have in the house once or twice a year is the extent of my nail-pampering regimen.  It was Emma's first time also, and while she definitely proved that she should've had a nap prior to an afternoon at the salon, I didn't have a meltdown.

We managed to top the great afternoon with an awesome family dinner. Gina, her husband and their four kids all came over, as well as my dad and one of Jason's brothers.  Ham, chicken, homemade macaroni salad, baked reds and a stuffed mushroom-french bread hybrid comprised the menu, and it was super yummy. And everyone had a great time. And no one fought. And no one pissed off the neighbors. And we sent a plate home for my mom, since she was stuck working. Even the kids managed to get along for the most part.  I still have a mound of dishes to wash but they'll hold another hour*.

We attempted to finish the night off by driving out to look at Christmas lights in one of the show-offy neighborhoods, but the kids fell asleep so we just came home and watched Christmas movies and just hung out for a bit.

I went to sleep last night worrying that something had to go wrong today, since yesterday was the best Christmas Eve I can remember. And I've had 31 of them so far.

But today was just as great a day.  Aside from my militant awesome husband waking us all up at six because he was just so excited for the kids to open their gifts, I have no complaints.  We spent the morning at my sister's eating Eggs Benedict and opening gifts and hanging out; both of my parents and my previously mentioned brother-in-law were there.  We followed that up by driving to various other relatives to drop off the above Christmas card of my incredibly adorable kidlets. And we spent the afternoon watching Christmas movies.  

It's a quarter past ten and nothing tragic or even remotely lame has happened. Knock on wood - Check. 

Merry Christmas :)

*Or another day.


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas Rachael! I wish you a Happy, Healthy 2013!

  2. Dishes will hold at least a week...or so I've heard :)

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas to me!

  3. SUCH an adorable pic up there! So glad you had such a wonderful holiday! I know the feeling of wondering why nothing has gone wrong--it's a combination of paranoia and gratitude at play. Happy New Year!