Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marine Haiku: How I murdered Patrick...

Jenn at "You know...that Blog?" has given us the theme of "Marine Life" for this week's Sensational Haiku Wednesday.

The first five verses are inspired by the death of a poor little starfish when I was 13; the sixth (!) verse references the first poem I remember writing, when I was 12, it happened to be about my favorite marine animal.

Amid shells and sand,
A perfect, ruby sea star:
collection worthy.

Nobody warned me:
a sea star with moving feet
is a living thing.

Sea stars are not meant
to dry out in a hot car-
Leave them in the sea.

After a lone week,
the grand sea star liquefied:
A young kid's victim.

No souvenir, just
sea star murdering guilt to
haunt my memories


My first real poem:
Dolphins swam the moonlit sea...
Symbolic escape.

Join the fun!

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  1. Lovely penned haiku ~ I can feel the ocean life all around me from your words ~ Happy Weekend ^_^